Neglected Audience

You know, sovaldi sale since I’ve gotten tired of posting about pretty much anything, advice I sort of forget that people apparently continue to show up at the Lair, search presumably to check out the babes. So I’ll try to be better about posting some of those images that clutter up Söze Central (as some might call my old Mac hard drive).

I’m sure nobody would care about the details (actually, that’s not true, but it’s too stupid and embarrassing to go into), but I got myself into some hot water with some ill-chosen words on Facebook (yeah, yeah, how dumb can you be?) back in late September, and October sort of slipped by in a funk. After that, it was a bit hard to get back into the swing of things, and then I’ve had a cold for the past week (yeah, yeah, “don’t even start with the ‘mommy blog shit’, nobody cares about your snotty nose”). So, let’s have some more Lair, eh?

Speaking of colds… Gesundheit!

Keyser’s Back: After a Fashion Edition

Mrs. S. and Keyser were off on a vacation (yeah, cialis really, first time in four years!), hence the lack of posting recently. Well, not entirely, things have also been hectic (“The loser’s making excuses again. Pathetic.”) Actually, things are still hectic. We’ll see how it goes… Anyway, what we were seeing was stuff like what you see below. After a fashion…

Keyser’s Tooth

Goddamned thing won’t get healed. Some days, viagra it’s fine. Some days, generic not so fine. Hard to concentrate, especially when there’s other shit to take care of too…

It’s okay right now, but this is what it looks like when it isn’t.

Back in Bidness, Bitches!

Dunno how exactly it happened, treat but after I sent a support message to the server, stuff the Lair went off line sometime between Thursday evening and Friday afternoon, when the inestimable Dr. Phibes informed me of this disaster. And long-time readers may be aware that hacking put the Lair out of commission for something like a month a year ago. Luckily, it was just some sort of “permission” thing at the server, and the nice guy at the “talk to us now” function at the server was able to fix whatever it was that was causing problems.

I got onto the cPanel once before it too said, “You? I don’t know you” and was surprised to see that within less than 12 hours, more than 300 “Sorry, this site ain’t here” messages were sent out (that was the maximum it would keep track of). Guess a lot of people like girlie pictures! Who knew?

Been Busy!

What with the end of term and all those daemonology finals to grade, online and then we’ve been trying to shovel out all the crap in domo Keyseriana and impose some sort of order on the recalcitrant chaos, viagra it seems the Lair has fallen a bit by the wayside. All that’s separating Keyser from a productive summer is the purchase of five bookcases at IKEA… So let’s hope the Lair will be returning to action soon!

A Babe Just in Case

Sometimes I post a lot, try sometimes the Lair sits in abeyance for a while if “stuff” comes up. Sometimes, the post that gets left at the top is some sort of babe, sometimes it’s a more serious post. I occasionally wonder what effect this has if people wash ashore on the Lair expecting something other than what they “expect”. So, given the nature of the last post, let’s have a babe siting at the top!

Wouldn’t do for people to get the wrong idea, now would it?

Keyser’s Been “Stumbled Upon”

After the site was “defaced” for a first time last Spring, look I disabled the stats counters in case that’s where the hackers got their access. It happened again a couple of months ago, and in fixing things, I got the impression that the WordPress “theme” was at fault. The site was somewhat dormant over the past few months, with Keyser being “occupied” with certain matters textual/daemonological. For no particular reason, I started posting stuff again a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I looked at the Statscounter thingee and found that 2000 people had visited the site.

Holy shit! In the old days, when I used to post about matters economic (not to mention death threats from Tony Orlando fans and David Caruso fans–no, really!), a hit count of 300 was big news. Turns out that the Lair has been “stumbled upon” by Stumble Upon. Seemingly, they can drive a lot of traffic one’s way. The other day, the total here was 91,000. Now, it’s all of a sudden 114,000.

Actually, as anybody who checks out the Lair will know, that post isn’t particularly representative. Ah, well. Any fame is better than none, as Squeaky Fromm used to say.

Well, I’ve got to run out now to go to a photography class. I must say, if they’re planning on dumping thousands of people on Keyser’s doorstep, the least they could do is provide a little warning! I’ll be back…

Will you?

To the Few Disappointed Readers of the Lair

And when I say “few disappointed readers”, ampoule I don’t mean that few are disappointed, seek just that few probably read the Lair anymore. And for that matter, medicine there isn’t much to read these days, is there? More like “view the pretty pictures”. Oh, well. Sometimes, the a flow and rhythm to life, and sometimes it flows into blogging. Sometimes not. We’re in one of the latter stretches. Still, I like the images, and the Lair amuses me. And that’s all, ultimately, that matters. And if some of you out there in the Wide World of the Interwebs get something out of it, too, then that’s just icing on the proverbial cake. And if not… Oh, well.

Hey, Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

I have bazillion jpgs of various forms of babery. I give them some stupid name when I find them on the internet, online and for the most part have no idea of what there is on the computer. Used to be, and when you’d upload stuff onto the site here, and the uploader would give you a preview of the imagine, and if you changed the image selected, you’d change the preview too. Same would happen if you tried to “open file” with the browser.

A while ago, I updated to OS Lion. Now, no preview. You have to actually open the stupid thing to see what the file actually is. (Unless, of course, you see the icon that’s about three millimeters square, but my eyes don’t have that ability.) If you don’t like what you see, you have to cancel and go through the whole rigamarole all over again to examine the next file. Sometimes, I go through dozens of images before I find one I want to post.

This new setup is clearly intolerable. I’ve tried to google my way out of it, but key words like “jpg” and “preview” get you all sorts of irrelevant shit. I have no idea why the thing started behaving this way, and until I figure out how to get it to work the way it used to, there will be no more babe pictures of the day.

“Progress” sucks.