Fun Idea for the Next Time You’re In Moscow

April 9, 2012 by Keyser Söze | Filed under Air Travel, Bad Idea of the Day, Be All You Can Be, Courage under Fire, Don't Look Down, PSA, Some People Are Nuts, Tourism, Travel, Triumph of the Human Spirit, Up and At 'Em!, USSR, YouTube.

Russians are at times wacky people. This guy got it into his head to climb up to the top of the Bolshevik sculpture on the roof of this building:

I’m sure the regular breed of Lair reader would never be stupid enough to do such a thing, see but for the stray reader who winds up here by accident, store be sure to wait out the video to the end, when you can see the reaction of the guy to his climbing experience. If his face isn’t a PSA for “Kids, don’t try this at home!”, I dunno what is. So, just to be sure that everybody’s clear on the concept: Kids, don’t try to climb up to the top of the highest Bolshevik monument in your area (particularly not if it’s 577 ft. off the ground)!

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