Sight Seeing is a Spectator Sport

April 5, 2012 by Keyser Söze | Filed under Babes, Bad Manners, Bad Sex, Bad Taste, Photography, Self-pleasuring.

2 Responses to “Sight Seeing is a Spectator Sport”

  1. pat &margie says:

    I have been getting my wife to lift up he dress and showing off her stuff for a long time it all stared by chance we were on a long drive throw the Bad-lands in July and it was HOT so she had polled up her Dress even throw she was not waring panties it was all good till another car came by she was a sleep and I did not want to wake her but as the car started to pass it slow down you could see my wife spreed eagle in the car but instead of covering her up I reached down and started to play with her pussy letting the other car have a good view and it was not long before the guy in the car was Jacking-off so I just keep on doing it tell he was done we both smiled and went or own ways But from that point on we have made it a realer trip and now she masturbates some times with a Dildo she always keeps in her purse and she shows a lot more sometimes she is tolled nude

  2. Keyser says:

    Well, here in Iglooville, it’s against the law to use a cellphone. I’m inclined to think that jerking off while driving isn’t a wise idea, regardless of its legality.

    I guess this brings a new meaning to the expression “getting an eye full”, eh?

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