And the Disgusting Fetish of the Day Award Goes to…

February 17, 2012 by Keyser Söze | Filed under Bad Sex, Doggy-Style, Feminism, Festivity of the Day, Fetishes, Haute Cuisine.

…the Keebler Elves!

One Response to “And the Disgusting Fetish of the Day Award Goes to…”

  1. Confederatemack says:

    Wow, you changed the look of the site, I think last time I was here your son broke his leg or arm, anyway I’m still loving the pictures, I didn’t know moon pies came in this flava, actually I think my only question if I walked in on this would be ‘what the hell are you doing on the ironing board?’ later

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  • Motto

    As Keyser's father used to say, "If you have to ask, I'm not going to tell you."

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