Where’d The Outrage Go?: Afghan Edition

May 28, 2010 by Keyser Söze | Filed under Afghanistan, Hypocrisy, President Barry.

Imagine, remedy if you will, viagra that George Bush were still president. What do you think the headlines would be like under exactly the same circumstances as obtain today?

While America languishes with unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression, and an ecological catastrophe in the Gulf seems to be of no concern to the nation’s administration, the president is off yet again playing golf. What will it take to get him to realize the crisis facing the country?

A while ago, ex-first spouse Laura Bush called the MSM journalists “a pack of lying, hypocritical motherfuckers” (or something like that; this is from memory). You might question her choice of words, but there’s no disputing that now that the executive office is filled by America’s first Half-Kenya President, it seems he can get away with anything.

And to think he was elected on the grounds that he’d be “competent” (as opposed to the Old Guy and the Retard of the North). Even though it wasn’t the primary obligation of the Federal government to make up for the preternatural incompetence of all local levels of government in Louisiana/New Orleans, somehow everything connected with Katrina was Bush’s fault, whereas as the gross ineptitude of the Obonga administration’s response to the Oil Mess is getting the full “Get From Jail Free” treatment. (Here’s a leak from a high-level meeting that took place soon after the spill started. “Say, do you guys have an oil disaster plan?” “Why? Do you?” “Why would I ask you if we did.” “Dunno. So do you?” “Do I what?” “Have a plan?” “No, that’s what I asked you!” “Why would you ask me if you have a plan? You should know that.” “Well, do you?” “Do I what?” “Oh, never mind, I’ll ask someone else. Say, do you know who might have a plan?”)

Meanwhile, the Bush/Cheney/Rove/Halliburton Campaign of Terror and Destruction continues apace in Afghanistan, and no one gives a shit. Where’d all the Cindy Sheehans go?

Well, okay, it’s not exactly true that nobody cares.

Shada Parada Rodriguez holds an American flag presented to her during a funeral service for her fallen husband, U.S. Marine Cpl. Nicolas Parada Rodriguez at Arlington Cemetery on May 27, 2010 in Arlington, Virginia. Cpl. Parada Rodriguez of Stafford, Virginia was killed while supporting combat operations in the Helmut Province of Afghanistan.

Nobody who matters gives a shit. Hypocritical motherfuckers.

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