Black Friday: Worse Than Reported Edition

December 2, 2009 by Keyser Söze | Filed under Bad News, Economic Crisis.


Keyser previously posted on news that this year’s “big” start to the Christmas shopping season was pretty much the same as last year’s dismal start. But no, click here’s news that it’s worse.

Gallup’s Thanksgiving week results tend to confirm fears of a weak holiday sales season as consumer spending was unchanged from the prior week, clomid even though it included Friday and Saturday of the Black Friday weekend. At the same time, Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index and its Job Creation Index were essentially unchanged from the prior week. A rather gloomy consumer mood and consumer spending — trailing last year’s financial crisis-depressed comparables by 25% — may not be unexpected, but are surely a disappointing way to start the Christmas sales season for the nation’s retailers.

Holy shit. People did no more shopping than on the week before Thanksgiving and instead of the previously reported decline YoY of .5%, it’s down 25%?

Meanwhile, the stock market continues its upward trend to PEI’s previously unheard of on the basis of delusions about the “fundamentals” and (perhaps more importantly) vast numbers of zeroes concocted by Bernie Bernanke. Now, there’s “Hope and Change” you can bank on. Just don’t buy stocks on it…

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