Quirks and Quarks

Keyser Söze was talking to some people the other day, viagra sale and for reasons too esoteric to repeat was holding forth about poor Schrödinger’s Cat. In describing this bill of goods, sick Keyser Söze said that he thought this absurd notion had something to do with quarks, and expressed his disbelief in the existence of said sub-atomic particles.

Other People: (astonished) What? You don’t believe in quarks??
Keyser Söze: (calmly, as if talking to the slightly retarded) No, of course not.
OP: (looks of incredulity) ??
KS: Well, I dunno about you, but I’ve never seen one. Have you?
OP:(condescending look as if dealing with the slightly retarded and vaguely menacing) ???

Well, if this is what one looks like

then Keyser Söze can state categorically that he has never seen one.

But if this is what they mean, then yes, he has:

But Keyser Söze doesn’t think that’s what they have in mind.

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