Keyser Ain’t the Only One to Get Jerked Around at Blogger


Loyal readers are no doubt aware of the situation, order but drive-bys might not realize that the Lair as it stands was driven off of Blogger for “objectionable content.” At the time, Keyser thought this was the result of harassment as a result of his tiresome feud with the VIxen haters, but it could have been the result of flagging by passing idiots who bumped into the Lair and got their knickers in a twist over the idle nipple. Basically, any idiot who finds breasts offensive can “flag” a site on the grounds that “some idiot without no taste finds the content offensive” and if enough idiots feel so inclined, then Blogger sticks a stupid “Some retards find this page objectionable and if you agree to continue to the blog, you make Pee Wee Herman look like a paragon of moral probity, you sick, sick puppy.” Keyser instantly told Blogger to fuck its lazy, sanctimonious self by switching over to “self-hosting” (hey, it’s only like $80 a year), but some “artsy” types have stuck it out over there. Here’s a sample of what this “flagging” signifies in practice:

It is an honor to say that this blog has become the third laureate of the prestigious “I Understand and I Wish to Continue” Award. This award, created by Mariana Pinheiro of Gatochy-fame, is a way to counter-attack Blogger’s censorship of erotic blogs, by drawing attention to the fact that many of these have quality content. If you read this you have already been through the ridiculous splash screen by google/blogger that states that “Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog’s content is objectionable…”. This stupid content warning has unfortunaly quiete an impact. My readership has been cut down to nearby the half, something that becomes understandable if you are googling for fine nudes. You still find this blog, but the subline doesn´t read anymore a space dedicated to contemporary erotic photography, instead it is the infamous “Some readers of this blog…”. Something that is of course completely misleading and will only tease folks who search for the more kinky stuff (but they will unlikely search for fine nudes) while my actual target group will believe that they better skip this page.
This blog was from the beginning on something like my personal collection of fine nude photography, something like the book I would print if I had the chance to do so, or the pieces I would like to hang on my walls. It is my very own definition of what I believe to be art in this specific genre. This definition of art is not only very personal, it is also something that is beyond language, something that cannot be defined by tags, labels or rules.
Anyone who tries to approach art by using terms like objectionable or NSFW hasn´t understand anything at all.
I understand that the net and it´s major players are still representative for an (US) american culture where a nipple slip can lead to a nation wide frenzy and Thomas Kinkade is the most collected living artist. I understand that this kind of prudery actually oversex everything, turning all art that contains the slightest bit of nudity into something filthy and forbidden. I understand that I am one of many fine blogs, like a flower a day or art nudes, that are put on the same level with any porn page by folks who just suffer art angst.
In fact I do Not Understand but I Will continue.

So it turns out that there’s a blog that gives awards to artsy sites that have been “splashed” with the warning (51 so far). Keyser of course makes no claims about the Lair being a “artistic image” page, though a lot of the images for which the Lair was “flagged” came from such sources.

Turns out they just had a poll on the proposition to “Make Content Warning optional. Remove flagged blogs from Blogger’s Listings (Next Blog, etc), instead of forcing a splash page on ‘objectionable’ blogs (ex: nude art blogs). The warning page causes more problems than it solves and limits expression.” The poll closed a few days ago and the results were 488-76 in favor. That’s nearly 87%, but presumably the sample wasn’t representative, and in any event, Keyser doubts that Blogger will do anything.

So fuck them still.

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  1. I don’t give this award to artsy sites. My only criteria is a) they were censored, b) I like them, for whatever reason. I don’t see this censorship as a big deal, because anyone can just start over, either using Blogger or some other free blog host. Blogger is not the only option out there. The host is free to impose whatever rules it feels like, and people are free to accept or refuse as they see fit. If my own blog is ever flagged I’ll just sart a new one.

  2. Sorry, but if you look at the list of blogs that appear on the top page, they sure look artsy. And if you don’t object to the censorship, why bother with the “award”?

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