Crafty Duck Outsmarts Eagles

April 9, 2009 by Keyser Söze | Filed under Photography, Wonders of Nature.

Some guy is out with his camera and seems some birds action. He starts taking fast shots and only figures out when he looks at them later what exactly was going on.

First some benighted duck is milling around minding his own busy, here when a bald eagles decides the duck would make a nice lunch. The eagle swoops on the duck repeatedly, remedy but he manages to dive just in time. The eagle would then resume the attack when the duck surfaced. The splash here is the disappearing duck:

Another eagle joins in, physician but two bald heads are no better than one:

In their frustration at not nailing the duck, the eagles turn on each other. They swoop at one another, playing chicken. Bad idea. Here they crash into each other at full speed. Ouch!

One of them flew away, but the other flopped into the water. He was really “winded” and almost drown. Here he is all bedraggled after extracting himself from the water.

The dinged-up eagle eventually recovered. Here he is ready to fly off. Keyser’s always thought that those heraldic eagles you see on things like 19-century coins and the seal of the State of Illinois (it’s on the flag) holding arrows and stuff in their claws as they spread their wings look totally fake, but this eagle is striking exactly that pose.

The duck, of course, got off scot-free. He was last heard chucking to himself, “Suckas!”

Be sure to click the link for the full series (and a bit more commentary).

2 Responses to “Crafty Duck Outsmarts Eagles”

  1. Corpuschristie says:

    That eagle looks really pissed but that is Understandable enough. Not only did he not get the duck but ended up getting a bit of a kicking. Great piece of camera work though.

  2. JEANNIE says:

    The eagles had to find an outlet for all that hunting adrenalin rushing through them.Attacking each other was the next best thing.Rare to have caught it all on film.Enjoyed it.Thankyou.

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