God Loves the Georgians

The ones in the Caucasus, shop that is. Here’s the traditional story:

Back when God created mankind, cialis He began to distribute the world among the various peoples. They were all supposed to get in a queue, tadalafil but when some people called over to the Georgians and told them to get in line, they were enjoying themselves with fun and games, so they answered that there was time enough to get in line after they’d finished the festivities. Well, God goes on with the distribution, and the line gets shorter and shorter, while the Georgians are offing having fun. Eventually, they join the end of the line, and when they finally appear before God, He says that He’s sorry, but every place has already been handed out, even the crappiest ones. The Georgians take the bad news in good grace, and thank Him anyway. God is so touched by their happy spirit that He says, “Okay, here’s what I’ll do. I’ve set aside the nicest place on earth as my own garden, but since you people are so charming and pleasant, I’ll give it to you.” And that’s how the Georgians wound up with their delightful corner of the world.

Now anyone who knows much about Georgian history knows that for centuries the Georgians have been screwed royally by Persians, Turks and Russians. Yet this is how they view themselves. What’s not to like?

Stalin must have been a Laz.

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