Let the Madness Begin!

So, site Keyser Söze wants to start his blog, store and thinks to Keyser Söze’s self, clinic “So, Keyser Söze, how exactly are we going to disseminate our witty, clever and otherwise enlightening (if occasionally poorly proofread–everyone’s got failings, and that’s ours) musings, ruminations and ratiocinations on various topics that strike our fancy to the world?” And Keyser Söze replies to himself, “Well, I see that a lot of those witty, clever and occasionally annoying sorts whose blogs I read often have that blobby thing that looks like an ‘e’ but turns out to be a malformed ‘b’ inside an orange box in front of the bookmark, so maybe I’ll try ‘blogger’.” Well, turns out that that’s some sort of Google operation, but Keyser Söze thinks to himself, “Hmm, well, if those sorts can manage it, then surely so can Keyser Söze.” So Keyser Söze tries out the registration process, and while it seems easy enough to do so, the URL “www.keysersoze.blogspot.com” is already taken by some cretin who made one posting in 2000, and zilch since. WTF? Perhaps, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, there really is a God after all, and He is just as malevolent as all His detractors have made out. Well, that’s as may be. What we do know is that we curse to eternal perdition Mitch or whatever the name of the wretched person who took our URL is for all his indolence. Oh, well, the full URL for our “lair” is okay too, no?

In the interest of full disclosure, Keyser Söze feels compelled to report that Keyser Söze’s wife is not at all sure that Keyser Söze having a blog of Keyser Söze’s own is really such a good idea. In fact, Keyser Söze has gone ahead and set this up without informing said wife at all. But nonetheless, Keyser Söze has every intention of being a good Keyser Söze and not engaging in the sorts of things that make Keyser Söze’s wife say things like, “Oh, Keyser Söze, will you never learn?” Truth be told, Keyser Söze does learn–but that only makes him wickeder! All the same, Keyser Söze will endeavor to avoid letting the Keyser Söze cat out of the Keyser Söze bag. Keyser Söze is everywhere, and nowhere. Or perhaps that’s “is nowhere, yet everywhere.” Who can say for sure? From a hermeneutical point of view, that’s where the proverbial madness starts. So let the games begin!

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  1. This is your wife and I told you not t do this! Why do you never listen to me? It’ll all end in tears!

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