2 Replies to “Life is a Winding Road”

  1. “The piece that passeth all understanding bends over on the winding road to true enlightenment.”

    As the great guru Buggerum Lingam observed in his First Platitudes.

    Glad to see you have shaken the scourge of censorship! Long live filth and to Hell with Religion!

    Anton. Q. Phibes

  2. Keyser returneth!

    In celebration, today’s readings.

    And lo there was much rejoicing and getting up to things what a decent person ought not wot of in the bushes.
    Cataphasians, Chapter 1, Verse 20

    Look not upon the buttocks of the young, lest in thy lust thou lose they head and get done for underage naughtiness.
    John’s Letter to the Pederasts.

    With heartiest felicitations.


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