You Would Not Believe the Day Keyser’s Had

First, hospital a completely unnecessary problem was caused by somebody who didn’t take the barest precautions to find out in advance if what she had in mind was not really stupid. So you’ll never guess who had to sort it out. And then Keyser and Mrs. S. were about to go off for a ceremony where Mrs. S. was about to get a nice bit of recognition for what she does. And just before we set off to get a snack before the event, what should show up but a really annoying email that involved legal action that some total d-bags were dropping on us. Boy, was Keyser pissed! It was beginning to wear off on Mrs. S., so I calmed down a bit, but during the entire ceremony, Keyser wasn’t really paying much attention, but was composing the sardonic and devastating response to that piece of brazen, shameless effrontery that those people sent.

Oh, and FWIW Mrs. S. got more applause than anybody else did, so that was certainly gratifying. Kudos to Mrs. S! And hellfire and damnation to those other blackguards!

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