Been Busy Like You Would Not Believe!

Your old buddy Keyser is up to his usual excuses. Reasons involving National Security preclude going into any details, here but the livelihoods of more than 4000 people depend on yours truly, drugstore and for those of us with a strong sense of obligation, pills this sort of thing is very hard on the mind. Whatever the time I go to bed, I tend to wake up around 2 and then either brood about shit or have to read something to distract myself. I find myself starting the day sometimes at 9am and getting home after 9pm. Yeah, yeah, I know, you’re saying, “So fucking what? You just described an average day for me.” Well, you have Keyser’s sympathy, but Keyser’s more used to spend all day at home researching some aspect of daemonology, say, or analyzing some Coptic document about witchcraft.

Anyhoo, that’s no excuse to let the Lair sit idle. But under such circumstances, it’s hard to work up the will to post a girly picture with a humorous title. So here’s one without a humorous title!


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