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  1. Why, Phibes, long time no see.

    And as it turned up, I was tidying up some HTML detritus here on the Lair and noticed that I didn’t like the half-assed old title (“The Tetons are Grands” for reference’ sake), so I went whole frog, as it were. And then I noticed that you’d commented, only to find out that I’d pre-emptively removed the very grounds for your complaint. Like minds misfire alike, or something.

    Say, how’s that whole Vulnavia thing going, anyway?

  2. Oh, and on a terminological note, let me point out that that whole “Dominion” thing is long-since gone. Canada is now a full-blown multicultural democracy in its own right, thank you very much, and that whole “monarchy” thing is just an excuse not to be American (though God knows there are lots of reasons to stay away these days).

    In anticipation of the upcoming 150th anniversary of the whole “birth of Dominion” gig, the Gouvernement du Canada has started running a commercial in which they pretend that the “Fathers of Confederation” wanted to set up the present day country and would proud that there are a bunch of hockey teams that lots of people get excited about. Supposedly, the FoC would be delighted about this, whereas in fact they’d be ashamed and angry that there isn’t one single word about “British North America” or the Queen, which actually was a main motivation for the whole thing. I’m not saying that people can’t change their minds over time, but if you ask me, it’s disgraceful to pretend that those people back then were identical to contemporaries and to lie about what their motives were.

    This rant was brought to you by the makers of “For King and Country”. Good to the last drop!

  3. I see.

    Vulnavia is alas, still on longer with us. I have hopes, but they diminish with each passing day.

    As for the Canadian thing: self-delusion is a fundamental human right. The only one practiced consistently across the globe.

    This “bleak” observation brought to you by, “It ain’t Cynicism, it’s Truth,” darkening people’s days for more than half a century.

  4. “self-delusion is a fundamental human right”

    Ain’t that the truth! Inalienable and indelible…

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