Knock, knock, anybody there?


Presumably, check the answer is no. Last posted back in February, viagra I think. (“Hey, rx idiot, if you can’t check your own stupid blog, why should I” Good questions.)

I don’t actually know why exactly I’ve fallen out of the habit of posting here. To some extent, I blame Facebook. I posted a link to some stupid shit I read on Teh Interwebz, Zuckerberg nicely converts that into a click picture of the page, and then I type over the original link with some snarky comment and press “Post”. There you go, matter off my chest! That’s a lot easier than writing out some big explanation and physically putting in a bunch of links.

Also, as anybody who’s read the Lair in the past, Keyser’s thoughts can be somewhat less than PC. And these days, you can get yourself into some serious shit for CrimeThink.

Layer onto that the fact that a limited number of Keyser’s acquaintances know who he plays back on Planet Earth, and that could cause problems if Keyser were to say what he really thinks about how the Leftoids are fucking up the world, and how they shriek in holy dread if you have the effrontery to point out that not only does the king not have any clothes on, but he’s actually a tranny and… well, you could be sent to Siberia for filly in what goes on in the ellipsis.

And finally, Keyser’s mind is filled these days with a bunch of weird thoughts that might be embarrassing if not told in the right company (that is, pretty much anybody Keyser knows or vice versa back on Planet Earth). Not to worry, it doesn’t involve goats or anything like that, but still. It would actually be amusing to talk about, but not really in public like that.

Oh, and there used to fun talking about economics. But it’s not fun any more. Let’s face it, Bernanke and Yellen won. Turns out you can create billions of dollars out of thin air to bail out your friends on Wall St. and nobody cares. What a world!

So, where does this all leave us? I dunno. Your guess is as good as Keyser’s.

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