Progressive Warfare: With Hybrid Prius Tanks!

September 13, 2013 by Keyser Söze | Filed under Dream the Impossible Dream, Dummercrats, Fun and Games, Humor, Obama, Obamamania, Performance Art, President Barry, Pull the Other One, Putin.


You know, viagra Keyser came to the conclusion that Baracks Obama’s administration was actually some sort of Banksy-esque performance art. You know those YouTube videos where some rightist smart ass gets Obama supporters to sign a petition for something idiotic like banning “enviro-harmful” H20 or or whatever? Well, search I think the whole presidency is a game of “Let’s see how many Bush policies we can get these morons to go along with”.

Spend billions bailing out Wall St. at the expense of “Middle America”? Check!

Keep open the torture chambers in Gitmo that Sean Pean was wetting his pants about? Check!

Keep on with the pointless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, capsule not to mention Pawkitahn for years? Check!

Start new wars in places like Libya? Check!

Greatly expanded Federal expenditures on the medical system? Big check there! (Though it must be admitted that the huge expansion of Medicare part D was part of GWB’s game of seeing how far he could go in being a big buddy of Ted Kennedy’s and still get the Duck Dynasty crowd to consider him on of theirs.)

Then there was this whole Syria head fake thing.

BHO: So, let’s bomb the shit out of Syria, because the children!

Obamadroids: Yeah, great idea!

BHO: Ha, fooled you, muthfuckas! It’s Russian proposals to do nothing for the win!

O-droids: Oh, you’re the genius geniorum!

(BHO to self): I is teh shizzle!

Well, we’ve got a new entry in the “leftards will believe anything because settled science!” category:

Look upon their works, and weep, ye mighty fed up with this shit.

2 Responses to “Progressive Warfare: With Hybrid Prius Tanks!”

  1. One does have to scratch one’s head sometimes. What exactly IS going on in the White House? What do they really think the consequences of their actions will be? As Secretary of State Herman Munster tours the globe, waving his index finger in the air like a teacher chiding small children×375.jpg

    Well, they may for now have avoided taking action with “our oldest ally.” But what next?

  2. Keyser Söze says:

    But what next?

    Does make you wonder.

    Hey, maybe they can launch against Iran an attack force of eight helicopters that’ll get stuck in a desert. Sounds more their style.

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