Lair Almost Crashed

Keyser will spare you the details, pills but his installation of WordPress had some major problems today. After much folderol, sale the thing finally started healing itself, capsule only to bail at the last minute and say that one of the data tables was crashed, and oh, by the way post this message on the support fora. Well, in the process of doing so, I had to go back and check out a message from the site, and lo and behold, the thing seems to have fixed itself anyway. Yay!

And Keyser didn’t even lose his temper once, despite all the “gee, this ain’t working” and “now what?”s. A veritable Triumph des Willens!

And good thing Keyser did get the damned thing working again. Where else would you get stuff like this from?


Well, okay, all over the place. But not in one place. The Lair: Your one-stop site for smut and… well, okay, whatevs, people. Whatevs.

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