Blast from the Past


You know, prostate back in the day Keyser used to write a lot on this blog, cialis sale talking about economics and other abstruse shit like quantum physics (and Keyser’s fundamental disbelief in it). Well, capsule somebody recently put a comment on an old post, so I went back and read it after replying (jocularly) to the comment.

Now, I did vaguely remember writing it, but not the details. And I gotta say, that shit’s funny. I actually made myself LOL, which has to be a good sign. (“Quantum force: Shit, Max, why didn’t you see that coming? Planck: Hey, Einstein wasn’t an asshole until I heard him, so how was I supposed to know?” In context, that’s pretty funny.)

The Lair has been ransacked thrice by humorless types who took offense at certain portions of the Lair, and the last time this happens I was tempted to let the thing die. “Ah, fuck it. Who cares?”

But a) orneriness asserted itself. “Fuck them. Long live the Lair!”

And b) maybe some of it is shit, but what the hell. I find it funny, and maybe somebody else does too.

Perhaps the Lair has somewhat degenerated into a venue for pictures of cat porn. But what’s what Algore invented the Interwebz for anyway, didn’t he?

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  1. To tell you the truth, I was screwing around “under the hood” and found you could mess around with the heading. I’m not entirely happy with this “theme” (first instance, it would be nice if the categories under which an entry is listed were immediately visible, since they sometimes are a joke in themselves), but you can’t have everything, I guess.

    I miss the old theme with the rotating images at the top. But I’m still not sure how the hackers got in to screw around with the blog (luckily, the damage wasn’t irreparable.), and I suspect there was some “breachability” in that theme. (And to think I paid $80 for it!)

  2. Anyway, I just post what amuses me. It’s nice to know that it amuses at least one other person out there!

  3. Oh, and one last note. I used to get email notifications of comments, but seemingly that’s stopped. So I have to remember to look, which sometimes slips my mind. So failure to reply to a comment may simply be a sign of forgetfulness on my part. I try to answer anybody’s substantive comment!

  4. I remember when your site crashed. Unfortunately, these prefab themes have doors everywhere for any half-wit shit to walk in. So, you’ve said you teach daemonology. Is this historically or practically based? Is it strictly comparative among cultures and time or a progressive subject for you? Do you believe in hell and if so, is it a place in the future or past? If you had to assign a particle charge to satan, woud it be negative or positive and how strong would it be? Could you recreate a satan-effect magnetically and what would be the inverse of this charge, an angel? I know, I know strange questions but I am very interested in what you have to say.

  5. And of course, you don’t have to answer if these are to personal but that wasn’t my intention and there is a bigger question. Also, you can substitute satan/angel with any equally weighty antagonist/protagonist, I was just using the vernacular.

  6. Nah, it’s all historical. I walked into it entirely unintentionally. Kind of fun, but I never imagined back in graduate school that I’d become so knowledgeable about Canon law. (How to prosecute and execute heretics, you know!)

    As for hell, I’m living in it now. Turns out to be colder than anticipated. Go figure.

  7. lmao Well at least you are keeping it in perspective. I’m familiar with Canon law. I find it amusing that humanity had, has, and undoubtedly will continue to have the arrogance to legislate on eternity with the clarity of the deaf, dumb, and blind.
    I hope I did’t come across as some bedlamite. My interest doesn’t arise from religion but instead from 3-dimensional graphic design. Oh well, I’ll continue searching for answers elsewhere but thanks for replying. I believe your last statement is truer than you think. Peace.

  8. Sorry, you’re last comment got stuck in moderation b/c of the links. As for the header, it has to be very wide and not too tall.

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