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I think I left it in the Back, on the Left…

January 1, 2015 by Keyser Söze | No Comments | Filed in Blame Game, Don't Ask Don't Tell

Nietzsche Was Right After All

November 29, 2014 by Keyser Söze | No Comments | Filed in Birds, Blame Game, Death of God, Theological Disputes

Who says there is no God? Oh, ed yeah. This guy.

No, Keyser’s Not Dead

September 4, 2013 by Keyser Söze | 6 Comments | Filed in Bad News, Bad Sex, Blame Game, Demonology, Keyser, Keyser's Personal Hell, Mrs. S

But he ain’t feeling too great, troche either. As you may know, I had a bad biking accident on August 8. We actually went away to the mountains a few days later. With me in a cast, which somewhat put a damper on the roaming of mountains. The cast was a pleasant bright orange thing, […]

Latest News from the Front in the “War on Poverty”

March 21, 2013 by Keyser Söze | No Comments | Filed in Bad Idea of the Day, Be All You Can Be, Beauty Contest, Blame Game, Body Art, Bring Out Your Dead, Britain's Decline, Bullshit, Demise of Western Civ., Dream the Impossible Dream, Dystopia, Fuck You, Gift that Keeps on Giving, Modern Britain, Nanny State, Rugged Individualism, There Will Always be an England, Triumph of the Human Spirit, UK, UK madness, What in the Fuck is the Matter with People?, YouTube

We has met the enemy, cure and it’s this lard-assed loser. But you can’t blame him. It’s the state’s fault. As the economists tell us, store you get more of what you pay for.

Awkward Moments: Mallard Edition

February 6, 2012 by Keyser Söze | 2 Comments | Filed in Bad Dates, Bad Sex, Bad Taste, Birds, Blame Game

The Ben Bernanke Story

April 24, 2011 by Keyser Söze | 2 Comments | Filed in Be All You Can Be, Bernanke, Blame Game, Lunacy, Money

From the trailer: “In a world of fiscal insanity, and where creating trillions of dollars out of thin air can be done with a flick of a switch, for sale and where one man’s monetarist delusions threaten to turn a central bank into a blazing inferno, illness having the wrong person in charge could result […]

The Star-Spangled Cat Skinning: Hillary Edition

July 21, 2010 by Keyser Söze | 2 Comments | Filed in Blame Game, Blast from the Past, Blowjobs, Fat Toad Frank, Hillary, Hope and Change, Obama

Seems US Secretary of State and long-time denier of oral to ex-President William Jefferson Clinton Hillary Rat-ham Clinton still owes a bunch on her credit card for her erstwhile attempt to become the Democrat nominee for the historic honor of not being America’s first half-Kenyan president. (That’s her up there dunning her last known supporter: […]

There’s a Down Side to Everything: Enviro-Friendly Energy Edition

October 29, 2009 by Keyser Söze | 2 Comments | Filed in Birds, Blame Game, environmental awareness

But at least he died happy in the thought that he was giving up his life to save Gaia…

Catholic Church to Martin Luther: Oh, Fuck Off. No One Asked You.

February 10, 2009 by Keyser Söze | 2 Comments | Filed in Bad Idea of the Day, Blame Game, Blast from the Past, Catholic Church, Theological Disputes

The historically minded among Keyser’s readers may be familiar with the origins of the Protestant reformation. Basically, buy viagra the medieval church (linear successor of the state church established by the Christian Roman emperors of the fourth century and predecessor of the modern Catholic Church; while these institutions have a lot of overlap, find there […]

The Palin Hating Resumes (with New Players!)

November 6, 2008 by Keyser Söze | No Comments | Filed in Blame Game, Palin

Keyser thinks that after his hardcore (so to speak) support of Sarah Palin, troche he deserves to be on a first name basis with the esteemed governor of Alaska, store so from now on, ed she’s Sarah to Keyser. Parenthetically, Mrs. S commented that Sarah should send Keyser of note of thanks given his long, […]

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