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Home, Sweet, Home

January 25, 2015 by Keyser Söze | 6 Comments | Filed in Babes, Bad Dates, Bad Habits, BDSM, Be All You Can Be, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Don't Look Down, Dream the Impossible Dream, Dumb Idea of the Day, Enlightenment, Ethical Depravity, Everyone's Human, Fetishes, Foreplay, Freaks, Fun and Games, God is Dead, How Dumb Can You Be?, Inter-species Sex, Invasion of Privacy, It's All a Matter of Taste, Keyser, Keyser is an Idiot, Keyser man of Mystery, Keyser's Personal Hell, Keyser's Weird Fantasies, Kinky Sex, Let the Good Times Roll, Lunacy, Madness, Mrs. S, People are Nuts, Personal Relationships, Philosophy, Places to Avoid, PSA, Psychology, Pull the Other One, Pussy Power, Redheads Rule, Scary Idea of the Day, Self-Hatred, Self-Improvement, Sex, Sex Through the Ages, Some People Are Nuts, Some People Never Learn, The Horror, Theater of the Absurd, Thought for the Day, Triumph of the Human Spirit, War and Deliverance, We're Doomed, What in the Fuck is the Matter with People?, Will of God, You Have a Dirty Mind

One of the strange things about life is that it may turn out that you’re entirely wrong about something you’ve always thought you knew everything about. Take your old friend Keyser. (“Please, ambulance ” ha ha!) You’d think that after all these years, I’d know what was going on in my own head. Turns out […]

Sodomy for Jesus!

March 9, 2009 by Keyser Söze | 3 Comments | Filed in Metablogging, Theological Disputes, Will of God

Well, malady just after the esteemed Dr. Phibes evinces his concern about Keyser’s muse having apparently gone frigid on him, along comes Mrs. S. with a link that is sure to set the appendage of Keyser’s artistry athrobbing. Seems there’s a whole site dedicated to explaining how sexual activities commonly (and wrongly) believed to be […]

Closing Loophole in the Law

October 5, 2008 by Keyser Söze | No Comments | Filed in Sexy Lingerie, Will of God

Keyser is always cynical about the operation of the law. We all know that whatever the terms in which you write a law to achieve a clear end, there people will try to skirt (so to speak) around it by adhering to the letter while violating the spirit of the law. And in this case, […]

Satanic Disney Mouse Must Die

September 17, 2008 by Keyser Söze | No Comments | Filed in Mickey Mouse, Satan, Will of God

You just can’t make this shit up: Sheikh Muhammad Munajid claimed the mouse is “one of Satan’s soldiers” and makes everything it touches impure.But he warned that depictions of the creature in cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, cheap and Disney’s Mickey Mouse, find had taught children that it was in fact loveable.The cleric, cialis […]

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