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The (Half) Naked City

December 25, 2014 by Keyser Söze | No Comments | Filed in Babes, Sight Seeing, Tourism, Travel, War on Terror

RIP Lance Cpl. Bernard

September 23, 2010 by Keyser Söze | No Comments | Filed in Afghanistan, Some People Never Learn, War, War on Terror

Year ten of the US (and other people’s) Campaign of Pointlessness goes on apace. Here’ a controversial picture. Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard, drugstore 21, of New Portland, Maine, was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade in a Taliban ambush Aug. 14 in Helmand province of southern Afghanistan. The image shows fellow Marines helping Bernard after […]

Nine Years and Counting…

September 11, 2010 by Keyser Söze | 1 Comment | Filed in Air Travel, Video, War, War on Terror

Keyser was astonished when Time magazine chose in 2001 to make a full disclosure of its cluelessness by making as the “People of the Year” some women who finked on Enron (and some other companies). Nobody remembers them. Yet, viagra how much different is the world because of the actions organized by Osama bin Laden? […]

Suicide Bomber Boot Camp: Sodomy Edition

February 4, 2009 by Keyser Söze | 5 Comments | Filed in Islam, Ugly Idea of the Day, War on Terror

Well, malady we’ve seen the motivational appeal of butt sex before, buy when a noted leftist indicated that the best way to get back at neo-Nazis and Islamicists was to ream them– literally. Seems the Islamicists were listening. Uh oh. EVIL al-Qaeda chiefs are raping young male converts to shame them into becoming suicide bombers, […]

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