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“Just a Little Bit of Ice Cream, and then…”

June 17, 2013 by Keyser Söze | 4 Comments | Filed in Babes, Bad Dates, Sodomy

Wait, levitra what??

What a Minute, You Did What?…: Demise of Man Edition

March 24, 2011 by Keyser Söze | 5 Comments | Filed in Bad Idea of the Day, Bad Sex, Love, Lovecraft, Lunacy, Manliness, Nostalgia, Personal Relationships, Sex, Sex Through the Ages, Sign of the Times, Sodomy, Some People Are Nuts, The Horror, Theater of the Absurd

You ever follow a link on the interwebz and start idly reading something without exactly knowing what it is, malady and then at some point in the midst of it, clinic you realize that it’s not at all what you’d been thinking it was about? Well, this happened to Keyser today. We’re talking a heavy […]

Turns Out Tipper Gore Is a Lesbian

June 7, 2010 by Keyser Söze | 4 Comments | Filed in Algore, Bush, Celebrity Bowling, Lesbians, Penises, Sodomy

How else to explain her departure from multi-zillionaire eco-hystericist and erstwhile half-wit Al Gore? Because it turns out, cialis he’s got a huge package! Now, buy viagra Keyser knows what you’re thinking: “Oh, yeah, that wacky Pannonian is off on another one of those shticks of his.” But no. This comes from very reliable sources, […]

US Mission in Afghanistan: Homosexual Boy Sale Edition

April 19, 2010 by Keyser Söze | 2 Comments | Filed in Afghanistan, Bad Habits, Bad Idea, Bad Sex, Islam, Multiculturalism, Sodomy, Tourism, Travel, Ugly Thought of the Day, World Culture

The “publish” button had barely been pressed on the latest Lair posting about Keyser’s incomprehension of the reason why the US is in Afghanistan, mind when all of a sudden Keyser discovers that PBS has clarified all of his doubts. Here’s the blurb about the April 20 episode of Frontline: In Afghanistan today, ailment in […]

The Golden Rule: Azerbaijan Edition

December 2, 2009 by Keyser Söze | No Comments | Filed in Bad Sex, Crime and Punishment, Sodomy

Remember the Gold Rule “Do unto others as others have done unto you or your children”? Well, here neither does Keyser, malady but that’s apparently how it goes in Azerbaijan: An Azerbaijani man has come up with an unorthodox way of getting even with a pedophile who raped his son. He tracked down the rapist, […]

The Bell’s of St. Mary’s: Anal Rape Edition

November 28, 2009 by Keyser Söze | 2 Comments | Filed in Catholic Church, Rage, Sodomy

Noted philanthropist, look Lair reader and blogger Dr. Anton Phibes is a man whose loathing of the Catholic Church makes Keyser look like a veritable Jesuit, cialis and he too has heard of the recent scandal in Ireland about the official concealment of charges of rape lodged against priests through the cooperation of the Church […]

Good News/Bad News: Catholic Church Edition

November 27, 2009 by Keyser Söze | 1 Comment | Filed in Bad Sex, Catholic Church, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Sodomy, Some People Never Learn, Ugly Thought of the Day

Well, search here’s the good news: The BBC has abandoned plans to screen a ballet featuring a deformed Pope who rapes nuns that it had announced as one of the highlights of its Christmas schedule. Last month the corporation said it would televise In The Spirit Of Diaghilev from Sadler’s Wells as part of a […]

To Dream the Impossible Dream: Metrosexual Edition

August 31, 2009 by Keyser Söze | 3 Comments | Filed in Palin, Penises, People are Nuts, Psychology, Sodomy

Keyser’s pretty busy the next few days (term’s starting), mind so he may be busy. But he just came across a “thoughtful” consideration by some urban hipster of why some men are confused in today’s world, health what with the rules being written by Carson and Oprah. And Keyser thought the following both revealing and […]

So What’s the Portuguese for “Reach Around” Anyway?

May 19, 2009 by Keyser Söze | 7 Comments | Filed in Amazing, Bad Dates, Education, Multiculturalism, Sex, Sodomy, Website of the Day, YouTube

Funny you should ask. As the Lair is a family-oriented website, pilule the most you can learn here is how to say “The hedgehog was collecting apples” in Georgian. The website of esteemed Lair correspondent Dr. Anton Phibes, drugstore on the other hand, is a crazy place indeed. Among the good doctor’s many talents, he’s […]

“And Thou Shalt Get Thy Wife Off Through Clitoral and/or Labial Stimulation Afterwards”: Hey, It’s in Deuteronomy 69! Edition

May 16, 2009 by Keyser Söze | 2 Comments | Filed in Bad Idea of the Day, Bad Sex, Book Review, Catholic Church, How Dumb Can You Be?, Humor, Jews, Love, Lunacy, Personal Relationships, Religion, Sex, Sex Through the Ages, Sodomy, Stupid Idea of the Day, Talking to God, Theater of the Absurd, Theological Disputes, Theological Study, Whores, WTF, You Have a Dirty Mind

Everyone knows that Catholic priests are noted experts in sexual technique, and so a sacerdotal Kama Sutra has been eagerly awaited. And now we have one: Seks: mo?e by? frywolny i bezgrzeszny (which is apparently Polish for Sex: Having a Threesome With God) courtesy of Polish Franciscan friar Ksawery Knotz (no, online really, sale he […]

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